5 reasons why you should shop for your child’s wardrobe - with your child

The kids’ market can tell the tale of two shoppers: the parent who will spare no expense to keep his or her child looking fab, and the parent who wants good clothes – within a budget. Whichever parent you may be, a trip to the mall or to local kids stores can serve as a new learning experience for your child.

Here are 5 reasons why you should shop for your child’s wardrobe - with your child

1.   The revelation - introduction to wardrobe wonderland
Your child is exposed to different brands, array of styles, various items, cuts, colours, trends, fabrics - in clothes, shoes AND accessories! Think of it as the library in the ‘school of style’. As you walk into a store (or surf online), talk about what you see. Educate them by naming different shoes or identifying unusual colours or explaining sizes. You are basically introducing possibilities for them to later interpret as their own. 

2.  Empowerment – let your little one lead
You can boost your child’s growing independence by allowing him/her to touch & interact with some items. As he/she begins to explore, start encouraging them to make choices. Some of their picks may not be as per your liking, some totally peculiar! Play along – it’s fun to find out what they naturally gravitate towards. Lovingly allowing your child to make choices is what will lead to their self-confidence.

3. Family flair - Inculcate taste through guidance
Your children are sponges - eager to grasp all things new. Redirect them gently towards making more aesthetic & stylish choices. Nudge them towards a better fit or a trendier belt. But at the same time say ok to that crazy print they just must have! The idea is to polish your child’s expression in clothes, without the tears vs stern-eyes battle.

4. Quality time – much more than just shopping
Shopping trips are a great bonding time. A first-hand opportunity to discover new aspects of your child. You’d be surprised to learn about his/her influences and tastes. Like figuring why your son loves shorts or why your daughter refuses to wear open sandals. The focus should be on conversation. It can also be a great time to talk about positive self body image & healthy body weight to develop good self-esteem.

5. Money Lessons – things don’t grow on trees
Whether you’re shopping online or in a shopping centre, teach your child about different products, prices and what quality means. You can put a limit on how much you’re going to spend. This helps you teach your child that there’s a limited supply of money and that you have to buy accordingly. And that we can’t have everything we want when we want it.

Like any other positive habit, you need to repeat it till it becomes a way of life. Here is a cheat sheet to help you immediately start practicing this one!

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