As we’re brushing up our history lessons around Independence day, it seems like the perfect time to introduce to kids India’s rich heritage of fabrics too. Many indigenous skills such as hand weaving, block printing, intricate embroidery and tie & dye are re-emerging in a modern avatar.

Here are 5 seriously cool and stylish trends in children wear with roots in India, that are rocking the globe!

IKAT - Chic and relaxed
Style History Lesson : State of Origin in India - Oriss Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat

This pre-dyed woven yarn has been an old favourite with fashion designers the world over. It’s recently made its way to children wear and the trend is here to stay. Ikat's geometric patterns and spirited colours allow to create refreshing, playful and stylish looks.

INDIGO - Don’t let them blues go away
Style History Lesson : India is believed to be the oldest centre of Indigo Dyeing in the Old world.

Indigo has made a comeback this spring and is trending like wild fire ever since. The earthy blue and white combination is versatile like the denim blue and so easy to wear. The endless variations find their way into unisex clothing and are a rage on accessories too!

Indian Embroidery - Threading on modern cuts and western garments
Style History Lesson : The famous Chikankari work of Lucknow is believed to have been introduced by Nur Jehan, the wife of Mughal emperor Jahangir.

The inclusion of Indian styles of embroidery on contemporary clothing adds richness and distinctiveness. Western silhouettes decorated with Indian needlework are popular wardrobe choices to add class and style. This inclusion in children’s closet ensures not only sophisticated wear, it also supports artisan communities that continue to practise their craft.


KHADI& MULMUL - Hand spun fabrics perfect for Indian weather
Style History Lesson : Mulmul - Soft cotton Muslin from India - is often referred to as the ‘wonder gossamer’ or woven wind.

Once a symbol of independence movement popularised by Mahatma Gandhi, handspun khadi is now a sure style statement. The versatile fabric - cool in summer and warm in winter - has found its way to new design sensibilities in jumpsuits, tunics, skirts and trousers. It’s softer cousin - Mulmul is a star favourite that adds delicacy and fluidity in garments. Watch your kids feel comfortable and look stylish as they shout, play and jump around in these India-proud fabrics.

INDIAN PLAIDS AND STRIPES - Effortless way to being uber cool
Style History Lesson : Madras plaids came into style in the 1800′s. Legend says that the patterns were copied from the tartan plaids of the Scottish regiments that occupied southern India in the 1800′s.

Play up the cool quotient by adding progressive versions of the Madras Plaids to your kids wardrobe. This fast emerging trend in kidswear is understated yet very stylish. Unlike their foreign look alikes - Tartan /Houndstooth / Tattersall -  these don’t need to be packed up until fall / winter. Indian Plaids and stripes add sunshine with their fresh colours and simple lines, making it easy-breezy to wear all year long.