We are chirpy excited about the new avatar of ANIMAL FACES FASHION in Autumn Winter 15 Kids wear. Realistic photos of animals – mostly faces and torso upward - are seen making a comeback and more animals are invited this season. It may be season 2 for the emphasis on animal faces but this year the theme gets a playful smack with whimsical graphics playing a big role.

It seems as if the jungle got a photo-booth and the animals just didn’t stop posing with tassels, sunglasses and shiny prints. Fierce lions, frizzy bears and wild horses have posted their head shots all over AW collections - sweatshirts, shoes, sweaters and even leggings.

The enchanting cat family continues to lead the pack. Tigers, snow leopards, home cats and lions lend some of their cool attitude and dare you to wear this fad.


Autum Winter wear is perfect for layering. Which means you can rock this look to your own tune in more ways than one.

  • Play up the Jungle theme by adding funky yellows, minty blues, burgundy and orange hues to the outfits.
  • Keep it groovy by pairing the wild tops with basic denims and black fitted pants / leggings.
  • For an easy look, cover your kids in Autumn hues - parkas, grey knitwear, earthy browns.
  • Snuggle them up in snow jackets and fuzzy coats to off set the graphic faces against the chunky outer wear.
  • The one thing to remember is that it’s not costume dressing so avoid adding other animal cues to the outfit, like cat ears hairbands, mouse socks, etc.,
wearthe trend.jpg

Have fun turning your favorite picks from the AW15 runway into your Mowgli’s daily get-ups.

Photo Courtesy : Zara kids / Stella Kids / M&S kids /  Cocoababy kids / Molo / Annes Kuris / Popupshop / Minixstyle